350 tones of love for color

Welcome to Qolord - the brand that is changing the way we think about fashion by giving you the power to choose your perfect color tone!

In a world where people settle for basic blacks and whites, we bring you 350 vibrant and unique color tones to your wardrobe. We believe that color is an essential element of fashion and has the power to express your mood, personality, and style. Our mission is to break the monotony and encourage people to experiment with different colors to elevate their style and mood.

Our hoodies come in every color of the rainbow, and our joggers match them perfectly. You can mix and match different hues to create your unique and colorful outfits!

Fear of Color

Did you know that Western society has a historical bias for wearing more neutrals than color? Fear of color (chromophobia)was created to gain power over other people, discriminate and divide society. But there really is no real reason why colorful clothes cannot be sophisticated or elegant. At Qolord, we are breaking the rules and defying conventions, proving thatcolorful fashion is the way forward.

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Self expression through color

We believe that fashion is all about having fun, expressing yourself, and embracing your unique style. With Qolord, you can stand out from the “neutral” crowd and make a fashion statement that is uniquely you. We encourage everyone to experiment with color and not be afraid to try something new!

Join us in our mission to #LiberateColor and share the beauty of every tone! Let's spread joy and positivity through fashion! At Qolord, we are a community of color enthusiasts who love to express themselves through fashion. We are here to help you find your perfect color tone and create your colorful life.

#Classy can be comfy

We also like to see where is the border of "comfy" versus "classy", so we design our favorite pieces of clothing, such as hoodies, joggers, and more, in a way that they look fancy and slick, so you can wear them (almost :D) any time.

Thank you for choosing Qolord!