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Pastel Yellow Warm Green Men's Canvas Sneakers | Men's | Bright Pastel Yellow Warm Green | C15M0Y60K0

Pastel Yellow Warm Green Men's Canvas Sneakers | Men's | Bright Pastel Yellow Warm Green | C15M0Y60K0

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COLOR DISCLAIMER: It is impossible to guarantee the exact color that you see on the screen as the screen colors will always be different than the physical colors. But we are trying to do our best to show you as accurate color as we possibly can.

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Size Guide

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These shoes are "true to size", therefore your regular size should be a good fit. If not sure of the right size, check the measures in the chart.

Men's sizes:

Men's shoes size guide

How to measure?

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure the bottom of your foot (with or without a sock).
  2. Check the "foot length" measurement in inches or in centimeters accordingly.
  3. Find the right size in the US in the chart and choose the size in the "Size" dropdown.

Materials & Care


  • Upper part: 100% Polyester, Canvas
  • Outsole: Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber


  • Spot clean only

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Color codes:

Base color:


  • Pastel Warm Green

Color temperature:

Color intensity:

Color value:

Color tone:

Color brightness:

Color Group Hue:

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Comfy CAN be #classy

  • QUALITY DESIGN. Enjoy the freedom of moving around with these slick & comfy canvas sneakers! Shoes are the basis of your outfit quite literally, but sometimes we forget it's also the perfect accent to freshen up your look. Design that resonates original - either in a unique pattern combination or beautiful color tones. Matched for your personality to enable you to be the MOST YOU.
  • COMFORTABLE. These lace-up sneakers are created from a soft and comfortable canvas fabric. The breathable lining keeps your feet fresh during the day. The soft insole, padded collar, and padded tongue guarantee comfort and softness for every step you take.
  • DURABLE. The thick & strong canvas lining and the robust white rubber outsole resonate high quality and make you feel free but steady. Made specifically for everyday wearing keeping the colors bright and vibrant making you look fab at all times.
  • DIVERSE. Sizes from 5 up to 13 for men & from 5 up to 12 for women. We want as many foot owners as possible to feel the joy of gathering something juicy & colorful for themselves.
  • HAND-CRAFTED ON DEMAND. Your sneakers will be created only after you make the purchase. So they will be made specifically FOR YOU. "Made-to-order" production means reducing 92 million tonnes of waste produced by the fashion industry every year, reducing wasted energy and water, reducing pollution from production and shipping, and supporting a more ethical and sustainable approach. It also means.. the production plus shipping will be a bit longer (please refer to the "Shipping & Delivery" section).

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Shop for a Look

Whether you're looking for a bold and striking look or a more sophisticated feel, pastel yellow warm green men's canvas sneakers is a great option. Qolord offers a wide range of color tones, so you're sure to find one that matches your style.
Here are some colors that pair well with pastel yellow warm green men's canvas sneakers:
  • Neutral colors: White is a classic and elegant color that goes well with any shade of green. Gray and black are also great choices, as they balance out the green and make the outfit look put together.
  • Brown: Brown is a great color to pair with pastel yellow warm green men's canvas sneakers if you want an earthy look. You can go for bright and fun combinations like bright green and brown or opt for a more sophisticated look with muted brown and pale green.
  • Yellow: Mustard yellow and dark green are a balanced color combination that you can use to make a statement.
  • Orange: Green and orange are mostly used to contrast each other.
  • Red: Pastel yellow warm green men's canvas sneakers and red are complementary colors that exude a festive and welcoming vibe, perfect for holiday outfits.
  • Pink: Green and Pink may seem unlikely, but they can complement each other. To stand out, try evenly split clothing with these hues.
  • Blue: If you want to make a statement, you can pair a high-saturated shade of green with royal blue.
  • Analogous colors: Teal and dark sea green are two colors that harmonize with each other. They create making a more cohesive look.
  • All-green outfit: The difference in the saturation of the colors will give you outfit balance and make it more pleasing to the eye.
No matter what color you choose to pair with your pastel yellow warm green men's canvas sneakers, Qolord has got you covered. Browse our collection today to find the perfect outfit for you.

Daily comfort with a pinch of uniqueness

If you're looking for daily comfort, softness and protection during movements or if you are tired of the more basic gray-ish undies and would like to be a bit more special in the lower department, these men's Boxer Briefs are great for any occasion.

"It's like a wearable art"

Unique quality design that explores the border of fun while still staying fancy.

It's important because a lot of times fun is created to look, khem.. sorry to say, but.. cheap or plain. We want to change it!

We are looking for the most brilliant patterns and catchy quotes with loads of truly juicy color pairings or minimalistic black & white geometric patterns. The range of the design vibes we want to offer is quite diverse - from classy and inspirational to funky and silly.

You are left with just choosing which design best matches your personality, style, or vibe, so you can be the MOST YOU.

Awesome Gift

Do you know the feeling when the birthday of your loved one is getting close..? Or maybe an anniversary is coming up..

..and you have NO IDEA how to surprise them..

..with something awesome..

..but so it is also special..

..and if it could be a little bit of fun as well..

..probably representing an inside joke..

We believe these Boxer Briefs make a really cute gift for your special someone - take a look around and choose the ones that will put the biggest smile on your loved one.

It's what's beneath that matters the most

Sustainability matters

At Qolord, we're passionate about creating real good products while taking care of our planet. We want to be known for the quality of products we deliver, not the waste we add to the planet.

We consider the actions we take to ensure our footprint leaves more eco-friendly mark. That means being aware of the processes and resources in the supply chain - production, materials, packaging and shipping.

  • We use "made to order" manufacturing model reducing landfills, pollution and wasted energy.
  • 1/3 of our products are from recycled materials.
  • We source high quality, durable materials.
  • 1/3 of our products are shipped only in recycled packaging.
  • We ship only once throughout the production cycle.
  • We prefer eco-friendly partners.
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